Have you heard? All of us at Blazerfarmz are on an important mission to spread the word about an amazing unique berry called the aroniaberry. We would like to introduce you to a superior antioxidant fruit that we believe is better than all the rest and will get you thinking differently about dark berries and your health.

Bringing our business to you from the heartland, Blazerfarmz is the creation of three talented guys. Brothers Chip and Steve Blazer, along with Toby Yager, are pursuing their passion for non-traditional farming. We believe Blazerfarmz is uniquely positioned as a domestic grower and a premier producer of Aronia products to bring something very healthy to your family’s diet.

We have established farming operations across the country to embrace the benefit of locally grown verses imported produce. Our natural products are a superior blend of berries, with a touch of that home-style goodness, that must be tasted to be believed. We are confident that Blazerfarmz products will surprise you and bring a new excitement to your antioxidant quest. Try our products, tell us your story, or find us on Facebook and share us with your friends.