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A classic recipe for a fruit filled Middle Eastern holiday treat provides a perfect excuse to try our artisanal jams. Try our Aronia berry or Aronia-Currant Jam for the pastry's sweet filling.

Aronia Mammouls


- 3/4 cup of flour

- 2 (tbs.) sugar

- 2 (tbs.) milk

- 6 (tbs.) soft butter

- sugar to sprinkle as icing

- 1 - 8oz jar of aronia jam

Directions: Combine flour with sugar. Add milk, orange water and butter and knead. Optionally, add little more milk but don't add too much to prevent the dough from being sticky Form walnut-size balls.   For the filling use aronia jam either purchase or make it for yourself. See Aronia Jam recipe listed under Jams, Jellies & Syrups. With your fingers, make a hole in dough balls and stuff each ball with a teaspoon of the filling. Close the balls and form them any way you wish.